Opening Day of Red Snapper Fishing Season in Destin, Florida

Red Snapper Season in Destin

8 o’clock

and not a boat at the dock.

It’s Red Snapper Season Opening Day,

and the time of year for which the Fishing Charters pray.

The Captains and Mates were ready early this morning.

When the leads dropped to the bottom, the fish wished they’d had a warning.

The whole ride out to the first fishing hole,

the guests couldn’t wait to feel the tug against their pole.

The passengers can’t wait to get to get their first bite.

They don’t have to wait long ’til the lines are tight.

The first Snapper gets hooked and bends the rod.

Captain thinks, “They’re still on my spot, Thank God!”

“If you don’t have a bite, check your bait!”

Captain says, “The fish are hungry and you shouldn’t have to wait.”

Red Snappers are reeled up and if they measure up they’re keepers.

If they don’t, Captain Cliff moves where the waters are deeper.

Twelve Red Snappers go in the fish box on ice.

After they’re cooked, they’ll taste real nice.

All year long we’ve settled for Beeliners,

but now the Reds are in season, and fishing couldn’t be finer.

Whether you’re skilled angler, or in beginning stages,

Red Snapper fishing is fun for all ages!

You can fish with Capt. Cliff at your family’s pace.

Book your trip now to reel ’em in on Reel Grace!

Nicole Atwell–June 1, 2022

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